Dominic W. Massaro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dominic W. Massaro plays a role.



Jesse, Alexandra, Nick Vrignaud, Michael M. Cohen and Dominic W. Massaro 2000 The processing of information from multiple sources in simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 5:2, pp. 95–115
Language processing is influenced by multiple sources of information. We examined whether the performance in simultaneous interpreting would be improved when providing two sources of information, the auditory speech as well as corresponding lip-movements, in comparison to presenting the auditory… read more | Article
We begin by describing some challenges to psychological inquiry and to the understanding of simultaneous interpretation. We then articulate the computational and hypothesis-testing approach to inquiry, and illustrate a general information-processing model. We discuss some experimental and… read more | Article
Massaro, Dominic W. and Barbara Moser-Mercer 1996 EditorialInterpreting 1:1, pp. 1–6