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Minkova, Donka 2018 Chapter 10. English word clipping in a diachronic perspectiveSociocultural Dimensions of Lexis and Text in the History of English, Petré, Peter, Hubert Cuyckens and Frauke D'hoedt (eds.), pp. 227–252 | Chapter
Shortening processes are increasingly productive in Present-day English (PDE), generating 9–15% of the new words in the language. They are therefore a valuable source of information on the interaction of production, perception, prosodic well-formedness, morphological patterning, and sociolinguistic… read more
Minkova, Donka 2009 On the meter of Middle English alliterative verseTowards a Typology of Poetic Forms: From language to metrics and beyond, Aroui, Jean-Louis and Andy Arleo (eds.), pp. 209–228 | Article
The meter of a large body of alliterative verse texts composed in English in the fourteenth century appears so irregular that it has defied formalization. Nevertheless, certain prosodic patterns recur with great frequency while others are rare or unattested; this invites further inquiry into the… read more
Stockwell, Robert P. and Donka Minkova 1997 Old English Metrics and the Phonology of ResolutionNOWELE Volume 31/32 (November 1997): Germanic Studies, Goblirsch, Kurt Gustav, Martha Berryman Mayou and Marvin Taylor (eds.), pp. 389–406 | Article
Minkova, Donka and Robert P. Stockwell 1994 Syllable Weight, Prosody, and Meter in Old EnglishDiachronica 11:1, pp. 35–64 | Article
SUMMARY Nearly all recent studies of Old English prosody have argued that main stress is fixed by phonological rules which make reference to syllable weight. We claim that such arguments are wrong, partly because they depend on still dubious assumptions about the scansion of Old English verse, and… read more
Minkova, Donka 1990 Adjectival inflexion relics and speech rhythm in late middle English and early modern EnglishPapers from the 5th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics, Adamson, Sylvia M., Vivien A. Law, Nigel Vincent and Susan Wright (eds.), pp. 313 ff. | Article
Stockwell, Robert P. and Donka Minkova 1990 The Early Modern English Vowels, More O' LassDiachronica 7:2, pp. 199–214 | Article
SUMMARY Roger Lass has proposed radical revisions of widely known assessments of some of the evidence concerning the pronunciation of early modern English. We accept many of his claims, but we argue that his revisions are wrong on one central point, and questionable in three less important ones.… read more
Stockwell, Robert P. and Donka Minkova 1990 Verb phrase conjunction in Old EnglishHistorical Linguistics 1987: Papers from the 8th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Lille, August 30-September 4, 1987, Andersen, Henning and E.F.K. Koerner † (eds.), pp. 499 ff. | Article
Minkova, Donka 1987 The prosodic character of early schwa deletion in EnglishPapers from the 7th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Onofrio Carruba and Giuliano Bernini (eds.), pp. 445 ff. | Article
Minkova, Donka 1985 Of Rhyme and reason: some foot-governed quantity changes in EnglishPapers from the 4th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics, Amsterdam, April 10–13, 1985, Eaton, Roger, Olga Fischer, Willem F. Koopman and Frederike van der Leek (eds.), pp. 163 ff. | Article