Elke Ronneberger-Sibold

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This paper develops ideas broached in Ronneberger-Sibold (2010) on the origins of the divergent typological developments of English towards a “classical” analytic S-V-O language, and German into a “framing” language, in which the dominating typologically relevant feature is the framing of different… read more
This paper provides an investigation of the dialectal spread of the “mixed” inflection (i.e. the combination of a “strong” singular with a “weak” plural) to non-feminine German nouns from the 14th to the 19th century, thereby revealing three different lines of development: Mixed inflection is well… read more
Ronneberger-Sibold, Elke 2014 Tuning morphosemantic transparency 
by shortening: A cross-linguistic perspectiveMorphology and Meaning: Selected papers from the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012, Rainer, Franz, Francesco Gardani, Hans Christian Luschützky and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 275–288 | Article
The central claim of this paper is that, besides phonological optimization, a major function of shortening words by different techniques such as clipping or acronymy is a controlled reduction of morphosemantic transparency in lexical domains, where partly or entirely opaque words are preferred to… read more
Ronneberger-Sibold, Elke 2010 Word creation: Definition – Function – TypologyVariation and Change in Morphology: Selected papers from the 13th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2008, Rainer, Franz, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Dieter Kastovsky and Hans Christian Luschützky (eds.), pp. 201–216 | Article
In this paper, the term “word creation” refers to all operations for the production of new lexemes which are not covered by regular word formation. It includes the coining of sound symbolic words as well as shortening, alienation, extragrammatical derivation, and blending. These so-called creative… read more
Ronneberger-Sibold, Elke 2008 Gender Shifts in the History of English. By Anne CurzanDiachronica 25:1, pp. 111–121 | Article
Ronneberger-Sibold, Elke 1998 Phonological simplification vs. stylistic differentiation in the history of German word stressHistorical Linguistics 1995: Volume 2: Germanic linguistics, Hogg, Richard M. and Linda van Bergen (eds.), pp. 285 ff. | Article
Ronneberger-Sibold, Elke 1987 A performance model for a natural theory of linguistic changePapers from the 7th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Onofrio Carruba and Giuliano Bernini (eds.), pp. 517 ff. | Article