Enrique Bernárdez

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The study of metaphors and blends deals frequently with isolated, acontextualised examples from the English language. Through them certain cognitive processes are said to be identified and such processes are allegedly of universal value and characteristic of the human mind at large. This chapter… read more
The paper is devoted to an analysis of the relation between language and culture in the context of Conceptual Metaphor Theory (CMT). Section 2 deals in an explicitly critical way with some problems in the concept of “culture” as used in “mainstream” schools of CL. Section 3 offers a brief review… read more
Bernárdez, Enrique 2007 The unconscious, irresponsible construction in Modern IcelandicFunctional Perspectives on Grammar and Discourse: In honour of Angela Downing, Butler, Christopher S., Raquel Hidalgo Downing and Julia Lavid-López (eds.), pp. 149–164 | Article
The Icelandic language possesses a number of constructions whose function it is to express the degree of agentivity or lack of agentivity of a process. This paper analyses a specific construction built with the auxiliary verb verða ‘to become’ plus an experiencer or affected entity in the dative… read more
Bernárdez, Enrique and Paloma Tejada 1995 Pragmatic Constraints to Word Order, and Word-Order Change in EnglishHistorical Pragmatics: Pragmatic developments in the history of English, Jucker, Andreas H. (ed.), pp. 217 ff. | Article