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Subjects Language acquisition | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Kidd, Evan, Amy Bidgood, Seamus Donnelly, Samantha Durrant, Michelle S. Peter and Caroline F. Rowland 2020 Individual differences in first language acquisition and their theoretical implicationsCurrent Perspectives on Child Language Acquisition: How children use their environment to learn, Rowland, Caroline F., Anna L. Theakston, Ben Ambridge and Katherine E. Twomey (eds.), pp. 189–219
Much of Lieven’s pioneering work has helped move the study of individual differences to the centre of child language research. The goal of the present chapter is to illustrate how the study of individual differences provides crucial insights into the language acquisition process. In part one, we… read more | Chapter
According to usage-based approaches, representations and processing of linguistic constructions emerge from usage events. We present corpus data, which show that object relative clauses are mostly attached to an inanimate head NP and contain a pronominal subject (the ball that he just threw). In… read more | Article
The current chapter discusses a structural priming experiment that investigated the on-line processing of English subject- and object- relative clauses. Sixty-one monolingual English-speaking adults participated in a self-paced reading experiment where they read prime-target pairs that fully… read more | Article