Markus Egg

List of John Benjamins publications for which Markus Egg plays a role.


Subjects Cognition and language | Discourse studies | Historical linguistics | Pragmatics


Das, Debopam and Markus Egg 2023 Continuity in discourse relationsContinuative and contrastive discourse relations across discourse domains: Cognitive and cross-linguistic approaches, Klumm, Matthias, Anita Fetzer and Evelien Keizer (eds.), pp. 41–66 | Article
Continuity and discontinuity (maintaining or shifting deictic centres across segments) are important aspects of discourse relations. Yet they have been attributed to these relations in very different ways. This calls for an analysis of individual instances of discourse relations with respect to… read more
Di Biase-Dyson, Camilla and Markus Egg 2020 Drawing attention to metaphor: An introduction to the debateDrawing Attention to Metaphor: Case studies across time periods, cultures and modalities, Di Biase-Dyson, Camilla and Markus Egg (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Chapter
This paper investigates deliberate metaphors in the Pauline epistles in the framework of Deliberate Metaphor Theory (DMT), which targets metaphors that require conscious processing (Steen, 2009), but also with reference to other threads of metaphor research that pay attention to phenomena of… read more
Berzlanovich, Ildikó, Markus Egg and Gisela Redeker 2012 Coherence structure and lexical cohesion in expository and persuasive textsConstraints in Discourse 3: Representing and inferring discourse structure, Benz, Anton, Manfred Stede and Peter Kühnlein (eds.), pp. 137–164 | Article
This paper reports preliminary results. from an ongoing project investigating the alignment between coherence structure and lexical cohesion in thematically organized expository texts (encyclopedia entries) and intentionally structured persuasive texts (fundraising letters) at the global level of… read more
Egg, Markus and Gisela Redeker 2008 6. Underspecified discourse representationConstraints in Discourse, Benz, Anton and Peter Kühnlein (eds.), pp. 117–138 | Article
This paper proposes an approach to discourse structure that builds on syntactic structure to derive that part of discourse structure that can be captured without taking recourse to deep semantic or conceptual knowledge. This contribution is typically only partial; we intend to capture this… read more
Pause, Peter E., Achim Botz and Markus Egg 1995 Partir c’est quitter un peu: A two-level approach to polysemyLexical Knowledge in the Organization of Language, Egli, Urs, Peter E. Pause, Christoph Schwarze, Arnim von Stechow and Götz Wienold (eds.), pp. 245 ff. | Article