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This article offers an analysis and systematization of the relationship between directionality and grammaticalization and develops an innovative proposal regarding a new type of directionality. The article proposes four types of directionality in grammaticalization: A. down, B. up, C. neither down… read more | Article
Company Company, Concepción 2017 Chapter 9. Adverbial adjectives and - mente adverbs face to face: Diachronic evidence from SpanishAdjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance, Hummel, Martin and Salvador Valera (eds.), pp. 257–286
The paper compares five minimal pairs of adverbial adjectives (aa) and -mente adverbs in two periods of Spanish, the 18th and the 21st centuries. The hypothesis is that aa keeps “traces” or “memory” of its original adjective category, and for that reason, to recategorize as an adverb, aa needs… read more | Chapter
The paper examines three directions of grammaticalization by subjectification. Using the general cline Grammar > Discourse and Discourse > Grammar or Grammar ↔ Discourse, Spanish shows three types of diachronic subjectification, going in three different directions: (1) Grammar > Grammar; (2)… read more | Article
Company Company, Concepción 2006 Subjectification of Verbs into Discourse Markers: Semantic-pragmatic Change only?Topics in Subjectification and Modalization, Cornillie, Bert and Nicole Delbecque (eds.), pp. 97–121
Este trabajo examina los problemas teóricos y metodológicos con que se enfrenta cualquier análisis que intente comprobar contacto o interferencia lingüística en el nivel sintáctico de la lengua, y plantea que el examen minucioso de las frecuencias relativas de uso de las construcciones en contextos… read more | Article
Company Company, Concepción 2002 Grammaticalization and category weaknessNew Reflections on Grammaticalization, Wischer, Ilse and Gabriele Diewald (eds.), pp. 201–215
The aim of this paper is to provide some diachronic evidence of how a language acquires primary object properties, and to shed some light on the disputable status of dative expressions (Dats) in two object constructions. Spanish having in its origin two object case-markings, one for the Acc-patient… read more | Article
The paper tries to show that in changes of multiple causation, meaning is a leading factor in determining the syntactic output. Although formal and semantic-pragmatic factors converge in a complementary way, they carry different weights: formal factors lay the seed for the innovative construction… read more | Article