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Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

The Copy Theory of Movement

Edited by Norbert Corver and Jairo Nunes

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 107] 2007. vi, 388 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Martins, Ana Maria and Jairo Nunes 2021 Chapter 9. Brazilian and European Portuguese and Holmberg’s 2005 typology of null subject languagesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2018: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 32, Utrecht, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen and Luisa Meroni (eds.), pp. 171–190 | Chapter
This paper rethinks Holmberg’s (2005) characterization of partial vs. consistent null subject languages (NSL) based on data from Brazilian and European Portuguese, the former a partial, the latter a consistent NSL. The paper proposes that rather than overt morphological distinctions, what is… read more
In this paper I argue that locative agreement and possessor raising in Brazilian Portuguese (BP) should be subsumed under Nunes’s (2008) analysis of hyper-raising in BP. More specifically, I propose that these unorthodox instances of A-movement in BP do not violate minimality, for the crossed… read more
Nunes, Jairo 2014 Adjunct Control and edge featuresMinimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, Kosta, Peter, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks (eds.), pp. 79–108 | Article
This paper examines a surprising correlation between adjunct control and wh-movement in Portuguese: object control into an adjunct clause may be allowed in addition to subject control if the matrix object undergoes wh-movement. Assuming Hornstein’s (2001) account of adjunct control within the… read more
This paper discusses some acquisition issues involved in the syntactic changes that affected the distribution and interpretation of null subjects and null objects in Brazilian Portuguese (BP). Based on work by Ferreira (2000) and Nunes (2008a), I argue that the emergence of finite control in BP was… read more
In this paper we examine null possessor constructions in Brazilian Portuguese, which display an anaphoric behavior in some contexts but a pronominal behavior in others. We show that in absence of islands separating a null possessor from its antecedent, null possessors display properties of… read more
Based on Kayne’s (1994) analysis of relative clauses, this paper proposes a uniform account of the three types of relative clauses found in Brazilian Portuguese: the standard version (with pied-piping), the resumptive version with an overt pronoun, and the PP-chopping version, where the relativized… read more
Nunes, Jairo 2009 Dummy prepositions and the licensing of null subjects in Brazilian PortugueseRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2007, Aboh, Enoch O., Elisabeth van der Linden, Josep Quer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 243–266 | Article
This paper discusses constructions in Brazilian Portuguese in which a null subject is adequately licensed only if the clause containing it is preceded by the dummy preposition de. Assuming that referential null subjects in Brazilian Portuguese are traces of A-movement (see Ferreira 2000, 2004 and… read more
In this paper we discuss data from Brazilian Portuguese which arguably involve one instance of a preposition in the syntactic component but end up surfacing with two instances, yielding what at first sight looks like PP coordination. We argue that the copying of the preposition takes place in the… read more
In this paper we investigate grammatical cases of verbal and nominal ellipsis in which there is no full morphological identity between the antecedent and the elided constituent. We argue that lack of identity in these cases can be captured if inflectional material is hosted by functional categories… read more
In this paper we discuss several constructions with null objects in Brazilian Portuguese (BP), based on Santos’s (2002, 2003) arguments that stress shift in BP is blocked by pro, but not by traces. In particular, we show that stress shift provides evidence for an analysis of PP-chopping relatives… read more
Boeckx, Cedric, Norbert Hornstein and Jairo Nunes 2008 Copy-reflexive and copy-control constructions: A movement analysisLinguistic Variation Yearbook 2008, van Craenenbroeck, Jeroen (ed.), pp. 61–100 | Article
This paper discusses reflexive and control constructions in San Lucas Quiaviní Zapotec (Lee 2003) and Hmong (Mortensen 2003), where instead of a reflexive in the former and a null category in the latter, one may find a copy of the antecedent. The paper argues that these constructions provide… read more
Bošković, Željko and Jairo Nunes 2007 The copy theory of movement: A view from PFThe Copy Theory of Movement, Corver, Norbert and Jairo Nunes (eds.), pp. 13–74 | Chapter
Based on previous work by Bošković (2001, 2002, 2004a,b) and Nunes (1999, 2004), this chapter discusses a considerable amount of evidence involving A-movement, A'-movement, head movement, and remnant movement that points to the conclusion that “traces” (i.e. copies structurally lower in the… read more
Corver, Norbert and Jairo Nunes 2007 From trace theory to copy theoryThe Copy Theory of Movement, Corver, Norbert and Jairo Nunes (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Miscellaneous