Amr M. El-Zawawy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Amr M. El-Zawawy plays a role.


The present paper discusses the translation of the maqāmāt (i.e., assemblies) from Arabic into English. The focus is on two main issues: the translation of rhyming prose into English and the problem of archaizing the language when translating old literary texts, especially Arabic ones. The… read more
A complex sentence is described as such by virtue of its multiple constituents which vary from clauses, subclauses to phrases. English and Arabic linguistic literature includes references to the issue of syntactic complexity, yet the approaches are different. The present study seeks to… read more
The present study investigates the semantic, syntactic and figurative challenges that pose difficulty to the two translators of Midaq Alley into English, particularly in the extracts that describe the setting of the novel. The two translations examined are Trevor Le Gassick’s (a revised edition… read more
Conditionals in English can traditionally be viewed according to two different perspectives. One is a simplistic approach based on certain ‘cases’; the other is centered on the truth value of the protasis and apodosis. This argument is based on the semantics of the conditional structures,… read more