Christiane von Stutterheim

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christiane von Stutterheim plays a role.



Lambert, Monique, Christiane von Stutterheim, Mary Carroll and Johannes Gerwien 2022 Under the surface: A survey of principles of language use in advanced L2 speakersLanguage, Interaction and Acquisition 13:1, pp. 1–28 | Article
Through a survey of crosslinguistic empirical studies on narratives and in the domain of motion events, we argue that the principles of language use pose a hurdle for second language acquisition, an issue that has not been given adequate attention in earlier research. These principles are part… read more
Text production requires the speaker to plan and formulate a coherent text in which information at the micro structural level is embedded and licensed by structures established at the macro structural level. The present paper addresses questions concerning the principles the speaker can rely on… read more
Although the typological contrast between Romance and Germanic languages as verb-framed versus satellite-framed (Talmy 1985) forms the background for many empirical studies on L2 acquisition, the inconclusive picture to date calls for more differentiated, fine-grained analyses. The present study… read more
Carroll, Mary, Antje Rossdeutscher, Monique Lambert and Christiane von Stutterheim 2008 Subordination in narratives and macro-structural planning: A comparative point of view'Subordination' versus 'Coordination' in Sentence and Text: A cross-linguistic perspective, Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine and Wiebke Ramm (eds.), pp. 161–184 | Article
Stutterheim, Christiane von 2003 Linguistic structure and information organisation: The case of very advanced learnersEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 3 (2003), Foster-Cohen, Susan H. and Simona Pekarek Doehler (eds.), pp. 183–206 | Article
This paper addresses the factors that distinguish very advanced learners from native speakers, investigating the difficulties which arise in overcoming the final thresholds in the learning process. Firstly, it compares different linguistic systems with respect to specific grammaticised categories,… read more
Stutterheim, Christiane von, Mary Carroll and Wolfgang Klein 2003 5. Two ways of construing complex temporal structuresDeictic Conceptualisation of Space, Time and Person, Lenz, Friedrich (ed.), pp. 97–133 | Article
Stutterheim, Christiane von and Wolfgang Klein 2002 Quaestio and L-perspectivationPerspective and Perspectivation in Discourse, Graumann, Carl Friedrich and Werner Kallmeyer (eds.), pp. 59–88 | Article
Stutterheim, Christiane von, Roland Mangold-Allwinn, Stefan Barattelli, Ute Kohlmann and Hans-Gerhart Kölbing 1993 Reference to Objects in Text ProductionPerspectives on Language and Conceptualization, Nuyts, Jan and Eric Pederson (eds.), pp. 99–125 | Article
Stutterheim, Christiane von 1991 Narrative and description: temporal reference in second language acquisitionCross Currents in Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory, Huebner, Thom and Charles A. Ferguson (eds.), pp. 385 ff. | Article