Alexis Michaud

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The present research, based on first-hand data, is intended as a contribution to the study of the present-day diversity of lesser-described Vietnamese dialects, and of the range of evolutionary paths to which they testify. The Vietnamese dialect of the hamlet of Phong Nha (commune of Sơn Trạch,… read more
Michaud, Alexis, Guillaume Jacques and Robert L. Rankin 2012 Historical transfer of nasality between consonantal onset and vowel: From C to V or from V to C?Diachronica 29:2, pp. 201–230 | Article
Comparative data from several language families show that nasality can be transferred between a syllable-initial consonant cluster and the following vowel. The cases reported to date are summarized, and a new analysis is proposed for a set of Sino-Tibetan data. The evolution appears to go in both… read more
Naxi, Na and Laze are three languages whose position within Sino-Tibetan is controversial. We propose that they are descended from a common ancestor (‘Proto-Naish’). Unlike conservative languages of the family, such as Rgyalrong and Tibetan, which have consonant clusters and final consonants, Naxi,… read more
Vaissière, Jacqueline and Alexis Michaud 2006 Prosodic Constituents in French: A Data-Driven ApproachProsody and Syntax: Cross-linguistic perspectives, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Ivan Fónagy and Tsunekazu Moriguchi (eds.), pp. 47 ff. | Article