Murtadha J. Bakir

List of John Benjamins publications for which Murtadha J. Bakir plays a role.


This paper is an account of the function and interpretation of the pronominal huwwa found in a variety of clausal constructions in Iraqi Arabic. This element has received various analyses in studies on clause structure in a number of Arabic varieties. It has been considered an appositive… read more
Bakir, Murtadha J. 2014 The multifunctionality of fii in Gulf Pidgin ArabicArabic-based Pidgins and Creoles, Manfredi, Stefano and Mauro Tosco (eds.), pp. 410–436 | Article
The paper is a descriptive account of the various grammatical functions of the particle fii in the grammar of Gulf Pidgin Arabic, the contact system that has developed in the Arab countries of the Arabian Gulf for use between the Arabic-speaking native citizens and the expatriate workforce in these… read more
This paper examines one of the aspects of the cartography program concerned with the CP projection and the validity of positing a multi-layer CP consisting of a variety of semantically relevant functional projections that encode semantic and pragmatic properties of the sentence, (Rizzi 1997). In a… read more
This is a description of one of the essential constituents of sentence structure in one reduced linguistic system in use in various countries of the western coast of the Arab Gulf and Saudi Arabia, that has been given the name Gulf Pidgin Arabic (GPA) in the very little that has been written about… read more
Bakir, Murtadha J. 1991 Notes on subjacency as a syntactic constraint in Arabic and EnglishFurther Insights into Contrastive Analysis, Fisiak, Jacek (ed.), pp. 329 ff. | Article