Marc Alexander

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marc Alexander plays a role.


Alexander, Marc 2023 Chapter 1. Speech in the British HansardExploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space, Korhonen, Minna, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö (eds.), pp. 17–53 | Chapter
This chapter provides a detailed textual and linguistic history of Hansard, the records of debates of the British parliament from 1803 to the present, on which the Hansard Corpus is based. It analyses how parliamentary speech is recorded and presented across that period, examining the changes in… read more
The ways in which politicians have discussed who, what, and where was considered “uncivilized’” across the past two centuries gives an insight into how speakers in a position of authority classified and constructed the world around them, and how those in power in Britain see the country and… read more
This article uses data from Mapping metaphor with the Historical thesaurus to describe conceptual connections between the supernatural and other areas of the lexicon across the history of English. By discussing the cases of angels and evil in some detail, we also argue that the data and worldview… read more
Fitzmaurice, Susan, Justyna A. Robinson, Marc Alexander, Iona C. Hine, Seth Mehl and Fraser Dallachy 2017 Reading into the past: Materials and methods in historical semantics researchExploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics, Säily, Tanja, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 53–82 | Chapter
The Linguistic DNA project investigates concepts in early modern England and adopts a bottom-up approach to query whether the key concepts intuited by historians of ideas are manifested in the printed discourse of the time. By applying computational methods and close reading to Early English Books… read more
Alexander, Marc and Christian Kay 2014 The spread of RED in the Historical Thesaurus of EnglishColour Studies: A broad spectrum, Anderson, Wendy, Carole P. Biggam, Carole Hough and Christian Kay (eds.), pp. 126–139 | Article
The basic colour category red and its exponents occupies an important place in the development of colour vocabulary, whether in the evolution of colour perception, infant language learning, or the history of particular languages. This chapter focuses on the development of the red category in… read more