Asier Calzada

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This study examines the influence of task repetition (TR) and pretask focus on form instruction (FFI) on written collaborative production. Eighty-five low-proficiency EFL children carried out a dictogloss task twice: one targeting the 3rd person singular present “‑s”, and the other aiming at the… read more
Calzada, Asier and María del Pilar García Mayo 2021 Effects of proficiency and collaborative work on child EFL individual dictogloss writingResearch on EFL learning by young children in Spain, García Mayo, María del Pilar (ed.), pp. 246–274 | Article
Collaborative writing has been traditionally studied in terms of language-related episodes (LREs), which have been shown to be influenced by learner proficiency. Yet, the impact of collaboration on the written product has received less attention, especially regarding child EFL learners. Our… read more
The way learners engage with tasks can crucially impact on learning opportunities and, therefore, more attention is now being devoted to task affect. This study examines the attitudes of an underresearched population, child EFL learners, towards a collaborative dictogloss task. Thirty-two… read more
Calzada, Asier and María del Pilar García Mayo 2020 Chapter 1. Child EFL grammar learning through a collaborative writing taskLanguaging in Language Learning and Teaching: A collection of empirical studies, Suzuki, Wataru and Neomy Storch (eds.), pp. 19–40 | Chapter
The present study analyzed the effects of completing a dictogloss task on the development of English grammar (3rd person singular -s and articles) in a foreign language primary school context. Fifty 11–12 year-old elementary EFL Spanish learners worked on a dictogloss task individually, and in… read more