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Medical Communication in the Asia Context

Edited by M. Agnes Kang and Olga Zayts-Spence

Special issue of Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 20:2 (2010) vi, 166 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Altaic languages | Communication Studies


Lazzaro-Salazar, Mariana Virginia and Olga Zayts-Spence 2023 Migrant doctors’ narratives about patients: A study of professional identity in Chile and Hong KongNarrative Inquiry 33:1, pp. 153–175 | Article
Narratives of personal and vicarious experience are part and parcel of being a doctor, as doctors routinely (re)interpret and (re)tell patients’ narratives when reflecting on clinical cases. Taking an interest in migrant doctors’ self-initiated narratives about patients in doctor-researcher… read more
Zayts-Spence, Olga and Fefei Zhou 2020 Chapter 5. Politeness and relational work in novel digital contexts of healthcare communicationPoliteness in Professional Contexts, Archer, Dawn, Karen Grainger and Piotr Jagodziński (eds.), pp. 107–126 | Chapter
Zayts-Spence, Olga and Stephanie Schnurr 2017 Chapter 5. Epistemic “Struggles”: When nurses’ expert identity is challenged by “knowledgeable” clientsIdentity Struggles: Evidence from workplaces around the world, Van De Mieroop, Dorien and Stephanie Schnurr (eds.), pp. 79–94 | Chapter
This chapter examines telephone consultations between genetic nurses and new mothers whose infants have been diagnosed with the hereditary condition G6PD deficiency. These consultations aim at informing the mothers about the condition and its management. We focus on interactions… read more
Chan, Angela, Wei Zhang, Olga Zayts-Spence, Mary Hoi Yin Tang and Wai Keung Tam 2015 Directive-giving and grammatical forms: Mitigation devices in a medical laboratory settingChinese Language and Discourse 6:2, pp. 133–161 | Article
This paper investigates the use of grammatical forms in directive sequences by drawing on daily interactions between colleagues in a medical laboratory in Hong Kong. From a conversation analytic perspective, we focus on how directives in Cantonese are commonly formulated and how the force of a… read more
Schnurr, Stephanie, Dorien Van De Mieroop and Olga Zayts-Spence 2014 Positioning oneself in relation to larger collectivities in expatriates’ workplace narrativesNarrative Inquiry 24:2, pp. 386–407 | Article
This article aims to explore narratives as sites for identity construction by employing the concept of positioning to analyse some of the discursive processes through which identity construction is accomplished in institutional contexts. Our specific foci are i) the ways in which individuals… read more
Schnurr, Stephanie and Olga Zayts-Spence 2012 ‘you have to be adaptable, obviously’: constructing professional identities in multicultural workplaces in Hong KongThe interplay between professional identities and age, gender and ethnicity, Van De Mieroop, Dorien and Jonathan Clifton (eds.), pp. 279–300 | Article
In spite of the increasing globalisation of the work domain and the mobilization of the workforce (Wong et al. 2007) only very little attention has been paid to the interplay between culture and professional identities in workplace contexts. This paper addresses this gap by exploring some of the… read more
Zayts-Spence, Olga and Stephanie Schnurr 2012 Chapter 9. ‘You may know better than I do’: Negotiating advice-giving in Down Syndrome screening in a Hong Kong prenatal hospitalAdvice in Discourse, Limberg, Holger and Miriam A. Locher (eds.), pp. 195–212 | Chapter
This paper explores patient-initiated advice during a screening program for Down Syndrome in a Hong Kong hospital. In managing these requests medical providers have to balance the opposing demands of ensuring patient autonomy in decision-making while at the same time responding to patients’… read more
Kang, M. Agnes and Olga Zayts-Spence 2010 Patient participation within a globalised patient population: Interactional difficulties in a prenatal counseling context in Hong KongMedical Communication in the Asia Context, Kang, M. Agnes and Olga Zayts-Spence (eds.), pp. 169–184 | Article
Data from multicultural contexts add more complexity to many findings regarding healthcare practices that have been reported in the literature. For example, patient participation has been reported to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare results (e.g. Candlin, 2006; Thompson, 2008). However,… read more
Zayts-Spence, Olga and M. Agnes Kang 2010 Information delivery in prenatal genetic counseling: On the role of initial inquiriesMedical Communication in the Asia Context, Kang, M. Agnes and Olga Zayts-Spence (eds.), pp. 243–259 | Article
This paper examines the interactional accomplishment of information delivery in the context of prenatal genetic counselling (PGC) in Hong Kong. We argue that information delivery is structured as a joint activity between the healthcare provider and the patient, and the structure of the talk takes… read more
Zayts-Spence, Olga and M. Agnes Kang 2010 Communication in healthcare settings: Interactional perspectives from AsiaMedical Communication in the Asia Context, Kang, M. Agnes and Olga Zayts-Spence (eds.), pp. 165–168 | Article