Walter J.B. van Heuven

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Heuven, Walter J.B. van and Ton Dijkstra 2023 Chapter 5. Cross-language influences in L2 visual word processing: A localist connectionist modelling perspectiveCross-language Influences in Bilingual Processing and Second Language Acquisition, Elgort, Irina, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Marc Brysbaert (eds.), pp. 102–125
Over the last decades, a variety of verbal models have been proposed to account for empirical findings on bilingual word processing and second language (L2) acquisition. However, in these domains only a small number of computational models have seen the light, including localist connectionist… read more | Chapter
Allen, David, Kathy Conklin and Walter J.B. van Heuven 2015 Making sense of the Sense Model: Translation priming with Japanese-English bilingualsThe Mental Lexicon 10:1, pp. 32–52
Many studies have reported that first language (L1) translation primes speed responses to second language (L2) targets, whereas L2 translation primes generally do not speed up responses to L1 targets in lexical decision. According to the Sense Model (Finkbeiner, Forster, Nicol & Nakamura, 2004)… read more | Article