Kenneth Holmqvist

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kenneth Holmqvist plays a role.


This study investigates whether addressees visually attend to speakers’ gestures in interaction and whether attention is modulated by changes in social setting and display size. We compare a live face-to-face setting to two video conditions. In all conditions, the face dominates as a fixation… read more
Gullberg, Marianne and Kenneth Holmqvist 1999 Keeping an eye on gestures: Visual perception of gestures in face-to-face communicationPragmatics & Cognition 7:1, pp. 35–63 | Article
Since listeners usually look at the speaker's face, gestural information has to be absorbed through peripheral visual perception. In the literature, it has been suggested that listeners look at gestures under certain circumstances: 1) when the articulation of the gesture is peripheral; 2) when the… read more
Holmqvist, Kenneth 1999 Conceptual EngineeringCognitive Semantics: Meaning and cognition, Allwood, Jens and Peter Gärdenfors (eds.), pp. 153 ff. | Article
Holmqvist, Kenneth and Jana Holšánová 1997 Focus Movements and the Internal Images of Spoken DiscourseDiscourse and Perspective in Cognitive Linguistics, Liebert, Wolf-Andreas, Gisela Redeker and Linda R. Waugh (eds.), pp. 223 ff. | Article