Ludo Melis

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ludo Melis plays a role.



Lamiroy, Béatrice and Ludo Melis 2005 Les copules ressemblent-elles aux auxiliaires?Les Périphrases Verbales, Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot, Hava et Nicole Le Querler (dir.), pp. 145–170 | Article
Melis, Ludo 2004 Some Observations on the Syntax of Adpositions of MovementAdpositions of Movement, Cuyckens, Hubert, Walter De Mulder and Tanja Mortelmans (eds.), pp. 59–85 | Article
This paper discusses the internal structure of adpositional phrases and provides evidence for the view that, even when analyzing one single language, distinct syntactic patterns need to be set up in order to cope adequately with the data. The focus of the paper is on prepositions of movement in… read more
Goyens, Michèle, Béatrice Lamiroy et Ludo Melis 2003 Déplacement et repositionnement de la préposition à en françaisGrammaticalisation: Le cas des prépositions locatives, Goyens, Michèle et Walter De Mulder (dir.), pp. 275–310 | Article
In Modern French, the preposition à has a large number of uses, in contrast to the Latin prepositions ad, ab and apud from which it derives. They can be classified into seven groups: complements expressing (1) place (where?), (2) time (when?), (3) manner, cause or instrument (how?); non locative… read more
Melis, Ludo 2002 3. Objects and quasi-objects: The constellation of the object in FrenchThe Nominative & Accusative and their counterparts, Davidse, Kristin and Béatrice Lamiroy (eds.), pp. 41–79 | Chapter
Melis, Ludo 1998 From form to interpretation: building up the ‘dative’-rolesThe Dative: Volume 2: Theoretical and contrastive studies, Van Langendonck, Willy and William Van Belle (eds.), pp. 261 ff. | Article
Melis, Ludo 1996 2.The dative in Modern FrenchThe Dative: Volume 1: Descriptive studies, Van Belle, William and Willy Van Langendonck (eds.), pp. 39 ff. | Chapter