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Mental Spaces in Discourse and Interaction

Edited by Todd Oakley and Anders Hougaard

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 170] 2008. vi, 262 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


What makes The Daily Show with Jon Stewart so successful as social and political satire? Rhetorical theorists and critics have identified several mechanisms for satisfying the show’s satiric and parodic aim, which include parodic polyglossia, contextual clash, and satirical specificity (Waisanen,… read more
Autism is characterized by repetitive behavior and difficulties in adopting the viewpoint of others. We examine a communicative phenomenon resulting from these symptoms: non-prototypical direct speech for non-reports involving an actual utterance from previously produced discourse (e.g. quoting… read more
FitzGerald, William and Todd Oakley 2016 Invocation or apostrophe? Prayer and the conversation frame in public discourseThe Conversation Frame: Forms and functions of fictive interaction, Pascual, Esther and Sergeiy Sandler (eds.), pp. 131–150 | Article
We investigate how idioms of prayer operate along a complex set of rhetorical dimensions, all of which take the conversation frame as a starting point. We present results of a search of idioms from the UCLA NewsScape archive. After distinguishing invocationary acts of the divine from the more… read more
Oakley, Todd 2014 Afterword: From Cognitive Grammar to systems rhetoricCognitive Grammar in Literature, Harrison, Chloe, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan (eds.), pp. 231–236 | Article
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