Petra Bernardini

List of John Benjamins publications for which Petra Bernardini plays a role.


Placement errors of object clitics (OCL) in French have been documented in 2L1 and L2 but not in L1 acquisition (Granfeldt, 2012; Hamann & Belletti, 2006). In the present study, we investigate whether placement errors of third person singular OCLs may be due to cross-linguistic influence. We… read more
Gyllstad, Henrik, Jonas Granfeldt, Petra Bernardini and Marie Källkvist 2014 Linguistic correlates to communicative proficiency levels of the CEFR: The case of syntactic complexity in written L2 English, L3 French and L4 ItalianEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 14 (2014), Roberts, Leah, Ineke Vedder and Jan H. Hulstijn (eds.), pp. 1–30 | Article
This study is a contribution to the empirical underpinning of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and it aims to identify linguistic correlates to the proficiency levels defined by the CEFR. The study was conducted in a Swedish school setting, focusing on English,… read more
Bernardini, Petra 2003 Child and adult acquisition of word order in the Italian DP(In)vulnerable Domains in Multilingualism, Müller, Natascha (ed.), pp. 41–81 | Article
It is generally agreed that children are able to acquire two languages to which they are exposed from birth as two L1s. Little attention has been drawn to cases when one language develops slower and is weaker in different aspects. A question under debate is whether the weaker language develops as… read more