Tihana Kraš

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This paper reports the findings of an experiment into the syntactic constraints on auxiliary change under restructuring in Italian L2 grammars which are possibly at the end state. Its aim is to test the prediction of the original version of the Interface Hypothesis that narrow syntactic properties… read more
Kraš, Tihana 2010 The lexicon-syntax interface in child L2 grammars of Italian: Auxiliary selection and ne-cliticisation with intransitive verbsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 10 (2010), Roberts, Leah, Martin Howard, Muiris Ó Laoire and David Singleton (eds.), pp. 220–247 | Article
This paper investigates the knowledge of two unaccusative diagnostics in ­Italian, auxiliary selection and ne cliticisation, in child L2 grammars of L1 Croatian speakers. The two phenomena are not instantiated in Croatian. Following ­Sorace (2000), it is assumed in the paper that the… read more
Kraš, Tihana 2008 Anaphora resolution in near-native Italian grammars: Evidence from native speakers of CroatianEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 8 (2008), Roberts, Leah, Florence Myles and Annabelle David (eds.), pp. 107–134 | Article
This paper reports the results of an experimental study on the resolution of intra-sentential anaphora in Italian, by native Italian speakers and near-native Italian speakers whose L1 is Croatian. In a picture-selection task, the two groups of speakers had to identify the antecedents of third… read more
This paper addresses the instability of the lexicon-syntax interface in bilingual L1 and L2 acquisition, as well as the effects of the age of first exposure to the L2 on the ultimate attainment of this interface. The phenomenon under scrutiny is auxiliary selection with intransitive verbs in… read more