Alice Corr

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alice Corr plays a role.


Old Ibero-Romance reduplicated numerals in transfer and possession constructions force a distributive reading at the sentential level (OSp. los pecheros deben tres tres meajas “the taxpayers owe three meajas each”). I argue that the distributive construction is best accounted… read more
The use of the Ibero-Romance complementiser que in non-embedded contexts with various illocutionary functions is argued to be non-trivially distinct from its canonical function as a marker of subordination. Interpretative and grammatical differences, and variation in the availability and… read more
This paper discusses apparent cases of Catalan and Spanish non-embedded clauses headed by the subordinating complementiser que ‘that’, sometimes referred to in the literature as cases of insubordination (Evans 2007, 2009). Three interpretatively distinct types of ‘insubordinate’ que are identified,… read more
Typologically-unexpected overt expletives can be found in a restricted number of non-standard Ibero-Romance null-subject varieties. Historical data suggest that these overt expletives, which in today’s varieties show both discourse-oriented and expletive characteristics, have their origin in 15th… read more