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Social Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill

Edited by David Britain and Jenny Cheshire

Subjects Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Earlier investigations of the linguistic consequences of mobility in largely rural East Anglia in Eastern England showed a quite dramatic decline in the use of the salient traditional dialect variants. In this chapter, we present a variationist sociolinguistic analysis of a relatively unsalient… read more
Schneider, Christa, Sarah Grossenbacher and David Britain 2019 Chapter 12. Quotative variation in Bernese Swiss GermanLanguage Variation - European Perspectives VII: Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017, Villena-Ponsoda, Juan-Andrés, Francisco Díaz Montesinos, Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz and Matilde Vida-Castro (eds.), pp. 191–202 | Chapter
Whilst there have been a multitude of variationist studies on the changing quotative system of English, especially the diffusion of innovative be like (e.g. Tagliamonte and Hudson 1999; Buchstaller and D’Arcy 2009), work on the quotative systems of other languages (see Buchstaller and Van Alphen… read more
Hirano, Keiko and David Britain 2016 Accommodation, dialect contact and grammatical variation: Verbs of obligation in the Anglophone community in JapanNew Approaches to English Linguistics: Building bridges, Timofeeva, Olga, Anne-Christine Gardner, Alpo Honkapohja and Sarah Chevalier (eds.), pp. 13–33 | Article
The present study investigates dialect contact and linguistic accommodation in the use of verbs expressing obligation (such as MUST, HAVE GOT TO, HAVE TO and GOT TO) among native speakers of English resident in Japan, using a social network approach. Approximately 500 tokens were extracted from… read more
Britain, David 2015 Between North and South: The FenlandResearching Northern English, Hickey, Raymond (ed.), pp. 417–436 | Article
This chapter presents both a brief diachronic and a more substantial synchronic contemporary snapshot of an area of the country – the Fenland of the East Midlands and East Anglia – where dialects of the North of England border those of the south. The area is important for a number of reasons:… read more
Britain, David 2003 Exploring the importance of the outlier in sociolinguistic dialectologySocial Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill, Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire (eds.), pp. 191–208 | Article
Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire 2003 IntroductionSocial Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill, Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Article
Warren, Paul and David Britain 2000 7. Intonation and prosody in New Zealand EnglishNew Zealand English, Bell, Allan and Koenraad Kuiper (eds.), pp. 146–172 | Article