Xiangqing Wei

List of John Benjamins publications for which Xiangqing Wei plays a role.



The essential attributes and pragmatic features of terms are reflected in their actual use. The diachronic dimension of terminology use has become a major concern in recent decades; however, few considerations are given to the use of translated terminology. In this paper, we report on a… read more
The Theory of Doors (Cabré 2003) has been well established in the academia of terminology worldwide. Many follow-up terminology studies draw on the analytical framework of this theory, namely the linguistic, cognitive, and communicative dimensions of a terminological unit. This theory provides a… read more
With the cognitive shift since the 1990s, metaphorical terms have become a recurrent theme in terminological studies. However, how they actually function in science communication has not been fully explored. The issue becomes more pressing today since the exponential expansion of knowledge has… read more
Dai Yongjun, and Xiangqing Wei 2019 Translating ancient Chinese legal works: A contextualized narrative approachBabel 65:5, pp. 633–647 | Article
The notion of narrative is a very productive concept in many disciplines, and it has been introduced and applied effectively in translation studies, where the specific narrative typology and narrative features are drawn and outlined. Based on the understanding of translation and the analysis of… read more
In recent decades, the scope of terminology research has been extended. The peculiarities and complexities of terminology are further ascertained by the exploration into the practice of terminology translation in the field of humanities and social sciences. The cultural functions that… read more