Sven Strömqvist

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Narrative Development in a Multilingual Context

Edited by Ludo Verhoeven and Sven Strömqvist

[Studies in Bilingualism, 23] 2001. viii, 431 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Pragmatics


Wengelin, Asa and Sven Strömqvist 2004 Text-writing development viewed through on-line pausing in SwedishLanguage Development across Childhood and Adolescence, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 177–190 | Chapter
Berman, Ruth A., Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdóttir and Sven Strömqvist 2002 Discourse stance: Written and spoken languageCross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Development of Text-Production Abilities in Speech and Writing. Part 2, Berman, Ruth A. and Ludo Verhoeven (eds.), pp. 255–289 | Article
The aim of this article is to integrate findings reported in the preceding articles in this collection, employing a global discourse perspective labeled discourse stance. The paper attempts to clarify what is meant by this notion, and how it can contribute to the evaluation of text construction… read more
Strömqvist, Sven, Victoria Johansson, Sarah Kriz, Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdóttir, Ravid Aisenman and Dorit Ravid 2002 Toward a cross-linguistic comparison of lexical quanta in speech and writingCross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Development of Text-Production Abilities in Speech and Writing. Part 1, Berman, Ruth A. and Ludo Verhoeven (eds.), pp. 45–67 | Article
The present study presents contrastive analyses of task-oriented spoken and written discourse in terms of lexical diversity, lexical density, and word length. In an age-matched within-language comparison (Swedish), written discourse consistently scored higher on these measures. It is suggested that… read more
Strömqvist, Sven, Hrafnhildur Ragnarsdóttir and Ulla Richthoff 2001 Input and production in the early development of function wordsApproaches to Bootstrapping: Phonological, lexical, syntactic and neurophysiological aspects of early language acquisition, Weissenborn, Jürgen and Barbara Höhle (eds.), pp. 157–177 | Article
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