Angela D. Friederici

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Early Language Development: Bridging brain and behaviour

Edited by Angela D. Friederici and Guillaume Thierry

[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 5] 2008. xiv, 263 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Psycholinguistics


Friederici, Angela D. and Jens Brauer 2009 Syntactic complexity in the brainSyntactic Complexity: Diachrony, acquisition, neuro-cognition, evolution, Givón, T. and Masayoshi Shibatani (eds.), pp. 491–506 | Article
The current chapter considers neuronal circuits in the human brain that represent a neuroanatomical basis for the processing of syntactic complexities. We will present data from event-related brain potential studies and from functional and structural brain imaging studies to elucidate the brain’s… read more
Friederici, Angela D. and Regine Oberecker 2008 9. The development of syntactic brain correlates during the first years of lifeEarly Language Development: Bridging brain and behaviour, Friederici, Angela D. and Guillaume Thierry (eds.), pp. 215–231 | Article
Männel, Claudia and Angela D. Friederici 2008 Event-related brain potentials as a window to children's language processing: From syllables to sentencesDevelopmental Psycholinguistics: On-line methods in children’s language processing, Sekerina, Irina A., Eva M. Fernández and Harald Clahsen (eds.), pp. 29–72 | Article
The present paper gives an overview of our recent research on the neurocognition of language acquisition. Our research aims to gain a more detailed understanding of the developmental stages of the language acquisition process and its underlying brain mechanisms. Here, we utilize the method of… read more
Thierry, Guillaume and Angela D. Friederici 2008 Introduction to early language development: Bridging brain and behaviorEarly Language Development: Bridging brain and behaviour, Friederici, Angela D. and Guillaume Thierry (eds.), pp. xi–xiv | Miscellaneous
Friederici, Angela D. 1994 Arnold Pick (1851-1924)Reader in the History of Aphasia: From Franz Gall to Norman Geschwind, Eling, Paul (ed.), pp. 251 ff. | Section header