Alexander Künzli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alexander Künzli plays a role.


The job of a subtitler is undergoing significant changes. This study investigates subtitling professionals’ perceptions of the effects these changes are having on their working conditions. With this aim in mind, an email interview study was conducted with nineteen freelance subtitling… read more
Künzli, Alexander 2013 Empirical approachesHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 4, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 53–58 | Article
Künzli, Alexander and Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow 2011 Innovative subtitling: A reception studyMethods and Strategies of Process Research: Integrative approaches in Translation Studies, Alvstad, Cecilia, Adelina Hild and Elisabet Tiselius (eds.), pp. 187–200 | Article
This paper presents the results of an experimental study investigating reception capacity and audience response to subtitled movies. Twenty-seven viewers were shown four movie excerpts, with commercially available standard subtitling or with innovative subtitling. The latter comprised additional… read more
The choice of the appropriate address pronoun is notoriously difficult in spoken and written communication. In French, there are two parallel address systems, with either unmarked T (tu) or V (vous). In Swedish, on the other hand, the T form du has been the general, usual form since the 1960s. In… read more
This paper presents some results from an empirical study on translation revision. Ten professional translators were asked to think aloud while revising three texts that had been translated from French into German. The quality of the revised translations was assessed by a subject-matter expert for… read more
Résumé Ce travail a pour objectif d’tudier le développement de deux éléments de la compétence traductionnelle, à savoir les compétences discursive et pragmatique, grâce à l’tude de la façon dont est traduit le dialogue fictif entre émetteur et receveur dans des textes publicitaires. Trois… read more
Moser-Mercer, Barbara, Ulrich Hans Frauenfelder, Beatriz Casado and Alexander Künzli 2000 Searching to Define Expertise in InterpretingLanguage Processing and Simultaneous Interpreting: Interdisciplinary perspectives, Englund Dimitrova, Birgitta and Kenneth Hyltenstam (eds.), pp. 107 ff. | Article
Moser-Mercer, Barbara, Alexander Künzli and Marina Korac 1998 Prolonged turns in interpreting: Effects on quality, physiological and psychological stress (Pilot study)Interpreting 3:1, pp. 47–64 | Article
This paper seeks to investigate the effect of increased time on task in simultaneous interpreting on the quality of interpretation and on physiological and psychological stress. Interpreters working for longer than approx. 30 minutes, the recommended turn time in simultaneous interpreting under… read more