Barbara Zurer Pearson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbara Zurer Pearson plays a role.


Pearson, Barbara Zurer and Luiz Amaral 2014 Interactions between input factors in bilingual language acquisition: Considerations for minority language maintenanceInput and Experience in Bilingual Development, Grüter, Theres and Johanne Paradis (eds.), pp. 99–117
This chapter synthesizes findings from research on relationships between language input and language development in bilingual children, and highlights a context in which the ability to manipulate input factors to promote bilingual acquisition takes on increased urgency, namely in language… read more | Article
Pearson, Barbara Zurer 2001 14. Logic and mind in Spanish – English children’s narrativesNarrative Development in a Multilingual Context, Verhoeven, Ludo and Sven Strömqvist (eds.), pp. 373 ff.
Pearson, Barbara Zurer, Sylvia C. Fernández and D. Kimbrough Oller 1995 Lexical Development in Bilingual Infants and Toddlers: Comparison to Monolingual NormsLexical Issues in Language Learning, Harley, Birgit, pp. 31–57