Francesc Queixalós

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Ergativity in Amazonia

Edited by Spike Gildea and Francesc Queixalós

[Typological Studies in Language, 89] 2010. v, 319 pp.
Subjects Languages of South America | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Queixalós, Francesc 2016 The role of nominalization in theticity: A Sikuani contributionFiniteness and Nominalization, Chamoreau, Claudine and Zarina Estrada-Fernández (eds.), pp. 205–242 | Article
When speakers need to communicate a piece of information in which they allocate all the components the same degree of informational density – especially the components expressing the state of the world described and the entities associated with it – they rely on linguistic mechanisms that may… read more
Queixalós, Francesc 2016 Aspect in SikuaniAspectuality and Temporality: Descriptive and theoretical issues, Guentchéva, Zlatka (ed.), pp. 265–294 | Article
In Sikuani (Guahiban, Orinoco) the only explicitly marked tense is future. Present and past are lumped together as a default subproduct of realis mood. As usual, future entails modal meaning. But space and aspect contribute much more to the elaboration of modal distinctions.The paper will unveil… read more
Queixalós, Francesc 2010 Grammatical relations in Katukina-KanamariErgativity in Amazonia, Gildea, Spike and Francesc Queixalós (eds.), pp. 235–284 | Article
Katukina-Kanamari, possibly the only extant language of the Katukina family, features ergative alignment both in morphology and syntax. The paper is devoted to the description of the various domains of grammar where ergativity is present, as well as of a functionally conditioned accusative pattern.… read more
Queixalós, Francesc and Spike Gildea 2010 Manifestations of ergativity in AmazoniaErgativity in Amazonia, Gildea, Spike and Francesc Queixalós (eds.), pp. 1–26 | Article
Queixalós, Francesc 2002 The notion of transfer in Sikuani causativesThe Grammar of Causation and Interpersonal Manipulation, Shibatani, Masayoshi (ed.), pp. 319–339 | Article