Marija Todorova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marija Todorova plays a role.


Todorova, Marija 2022 Translating refugee culinary cultures: Hong Kong’s narratives of integrationTangible translation: Migration and materiality, Ciribuco, Andrea and Anne O’Connor (eds.), pp. 88–110 | Article
Several non-profit organizations provide asylum claimants in Hong Kong a platform to engage in activities that help them integrate into the local community. These activities include sharing food and recipes with the aim of introducing Hongkongers to refugee cultures. Based on interviews with… read more
This study approaches translations as framing and representation sites that can serve to either contest or promote stereotypes. Critically looking at textual and visual images of the source culture, the discussion considers how the particular location of different participants in the translation… read more
This chapter draws on relevant theory in the area of interpreting, with a particular focus on working with refugees, supplemented by the real-life experiences of field interpreters active during two refugee crises in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. Tackling the question of the… read more
Todorova, Marija 2014 Interpreting conflict: Memories of an interpreterTransfiction: Research into the realities of translation fiction, Kaindl, Klaus and Karlheinz Spitzl (eds.), pp. 221–232 | Article