Natalie Flint

List of John Benjamins publications for which Natalie Flint plays a role.


Walz, Linda, Jack B. Joyce and Natalie Flint 2023 “Facebook’s about to know, Karen”: Mobilising social media to sanction public conductAdvances in the Study of Social Action in Online Interaction, Sinkeviciute, Valeria (ed.), pp. 137–160 | Article
This paper explores the social action of sanctioning an interlocutor’s conduct in public spaces through social media. Using membership categorisation analysis (Hester and Eglin 1997), we examine how, in offline face-to-face disputes filmed by one party, interactants deploy the name ‘Karen’ to… read more
Flint, Natalie, Michael Haugh and Andrew John Merrison 2019 Modulating troubles affiliating in initial interactions: The role of remedial accountsPragmatics 29:3, pp. 384–409 | Article
Much of the research on affiliation to date has focused on how people do (dis)affiliation. This paper explores the remedial work that follows instances of disaffiliation between interactants who are getting acquainted. Building on an interactional pragmatics analytical approach informed by… read more