Angela Terrill

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In the absence of comparative method reconstruction, high rate of lexical cognate candidates is often used as evidence for relationships between languages. This paper uses the Oswalt Monte Carlo Shift test (a variant of Oswalt 1970) to explore the statistical basis of the claim that the four… read more
What grammatical elements of a substrate language find their way into a creole? Grammatical features of the Oceanic substrate languages have been shown to be crucial in the development of Solomon Islands Pijin and of Melanesian Pidgin as a whole (Keesing 1988), so one might expect constructions… read more
Terrill, Angela and Niclas Burenhult 2008 Orientation as a strategy of spatial referenceStudies in Language 32:1, pp. 93–136 | Article
This paper explores a strategy of spatial expression which utilizes orientation, a way of describing the spatial relationship of entities by means of reference to their facets. We present detailed data and analysis from two languages, Jahai (Mon-Khmer, Malay Peninsula) and Lavukaleve (Papuan… read more
Terrill, Angela and Michael Dunn 2006 Semantic transference: Two preliminary case studies from the Solomon IslandsL2 Acquisition and Creole Genesis: Dialogues, Lefebvre, Claire, Lydia White and Christine Jourdan (eds.), pp. 67–85 | Article
Terrill, Angela 2004 15. Coordination in LavukaleveCoordinating Constructions, Haspelmath, Martin (ed.), pp. 427–443 | Chapter
1.Introduction 2. A brief glance at Lavukaleve 3. Coordinators 4. Structure of coordination 4.1 The coordinator 4.2 Number of coordinands 4.3 Ellipsis 5. Noun phrase coordination 6. Adjunct and adjective coordination 7. Coordination as one type of clause linkage in Lavukaleve 7. read more