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Facing a new technological turn, the field of interpreting is in great need of evidence on the effectiveness of computer-assisted interpreting. This study proposes a computer-assisted consecutive interpreting (CACI) mode incorporating speech recognition (SR) and machine translation (MT). First,… read more
Kruger, Jan-Louis and Sixin Liao 2022 Establishing a theoretical framework for AVT research: The importance of cognitive modelsMethodological Issues in Experimental Research in Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility, Greco, Gian Maria, Anna Jankowska and Agnieszka Szarkowska (eds.), pp. 12–37 | Article
Empirical research on the cognitive processing of audiovisual translation (AVT) products has been thriving over the past decade. While the use of cutting-edge experimental tools such as eye trackers has drawn increasing scholarly attention and accelerated the progress in understanding the… read more
Chen, Sijia, Jan-Louis Kruger and Stephen Doherty 2021 Reading patterns and cognitive processing in an eye-tracking study of note-reading in consecutive interpretingInterpreting 23:1, pp. 76–102 | Article
This article reports on the eye-tracking data collected from 18 professional interpreters while they performed consecutive interpreting with notes. It is a pioneering study in its visualisation of the way in which note-reading occurs. Preliminary evidence suggests that note-reading proceeds in a… read more
Kruger, Jan-Louis 2021 Eye trackingHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 5, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 79–85 | Article
Kruger, Jan-Louis 2018 Psycholinguistics and audiovisual translationAudiovisual Translation: Theoretical and methodological challenges, Gambier, Yves and Sara Ramos Pinto (eds.), pp. 95–106 | Chapter
Kruger, Jan-Louis and Stephen Doherty 2018 Triangulation of online and offline measures of processing and reception in AVTReception Studies and Audiovisual Translation, Di Giovanni, Elena and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 91–109 | Chapter
This chapter reviews methodologies for investigating the cognitive processing of audiovisual translation products using the triangulation of physiological, psychometric and performance measures. It also provides an analysis of the strengths and limitations of these measures to offer a synthesis of… read more
Kruger, Jan-Louis, Stephen Doherty, Wendy Fox and Peter de Lissa 2018 Chapter 12. Multimodal measurement of cognitive load during subtitle processing: Same-language subtitles for foreign-language viewersInnovation and Expansion in Translation Process Research, Lacruz, Isabel and Riitta Jääskeläinen (eds.), pp. 267–294 | Chapter
This chapter presents the findings of a multimodal study that combines a suite of methods, namely, eye tracking, electroencephalography, and self-reported psychometrics, to investigate the impact of language and layout on cognitive load in the absence and presence of conventional same-language… read more
Kruger, Jan-Louis 2016 Psycholinguistics and audiovisual translationAudiovisual Translation: Theoretical and methodological challenges, Gambier, Yves and Sara Ramos Pinto (eds.), pp. 276–287 | Article
Psycholinguistic investigations of translated audiovisual products have been conducted since at least the 1980s. These mainly concerned the role of subtitles in the processing of language in the context of language acquisition, literacy, and education. This article provides an overview of some of… read more
Kruger, Jan-Louis, María T. Soto-Sanfiel, Stephen Doherty and Ronny Ibrahim 2016 Towards a cognitive audiovisual translatology: subtitles and embodied cognitionReembedding Translation Process Research, Muñoz Martín, Ricardo (ed.), pp. 171–194 | Article
This chapter presents the findings of a study to investigate the impact of subtitles on the processing of audiovisual texts in terms of levels of self-reported engagement with the text. It also presents a methodology for investigating the neural processing of subtitles using electroencephalography… read more