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Subjects Generative linguistics | Other African languages | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Children’s early speech productions are not entirely adult-like, with syllables and morphemes often missing from early utterances. However, these patterns of development also appear to be influenced by the language being learned. This chapter explores the role of the lexicon as a driving force in… read more | Chapter
One of the challenges for understanding the processes underlying the acquisition of phonology has been the variability found in early speech productions. Our recent research suggests that much of this is due to the phonological (or prosodic) context in which words (and their segments) appear. This… read more | Article
Turpin, Myfany, Katherine Demuth and April Ngampart Campbell 2014 Phonological aspects of Arandic baby talkLanguage Description Informed by Theory, Pensalfini, Rob, Myfany Turpin and Diana Guillemin (eds.), pp. 49–80
Baby Talk (BT), also known as child-directed speech, is a non-standard form of speech used by adults when talking to infants. In Arandic languages BT involves the use of a small set of unique but widely known words, onomatopoeic-derived words, as well as phonological modifications to standard… read more | Article
Shattuck-Hufnagel, Stefanie, Katherine Demuth, Helen M. Hanson and Kenneth N. Stevens 2011 Acoustic cues to stop-coda voicing contrasts in the speech of 2-3-year-olds learning American EnglishWhere Do Phonological Features Come From?: Cognitive, physical and developmental bases of distinctive speech categories, Clements, G. Nick and Rachid Ridouane (eds.), pp. 327–342
Stevens (2002) postulates that speakers represent words in terms of distinctive features, with different acoustic cues signaling the feature contrasts in different contexts. Imbrie (2002) suggests that children use cues differently from adults in word-onset consonants. This paper explores these… read more | Article