Sara Castagnoli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sara Castagnoli plays a role.


Castagnoli, Sara 2023 Exploring variation in student translationLearner translation corpus research, Granger, Sylviane and Marie-Aude Lefer (eds.), pp. 97–125 | Article
This paper explores the issue of variation in translation, as well as its connection with the concept of “literal translation” and translator experience, on the basis of a multiple student translation corpus containing concurrent Italian versions of the same English source text produced by 35… read more
Bertaccini, Franco, Monica Massari and Sara Castagnoli 2010 Synonymy and variation in the domain of digital terrestrial television: Is Italian at risk?Terminology in Everyday Life, Thelen, Marcel and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 11–20 | Article
This article presents the results of a bilingual (French-Italian) corpus-based terminological study on the language of digital terrestrial television (DVB_T). The research sets out to describe the main features of this specialized language from a socio-terminological perspective by assessing the… read more
Kunz, Kerstin, Sara Castagnoli and Natalie Kübler 2010 Corpora in translator training: A program for an eLearning courseWhy Translation Studies Matters, Gile, Daniel, Gyde Hansen and Nike K. Pokorn (eds.), pp. 195–208 | Article
Within recent years, corpora have gained considerable importance in Translation Studies, and a number of studies have also appeared which show their value for translator training (e.g. Zanettin et al. 2003). However, results from a recent survey reveal that current practising and trainee… read more
Bernardini, Silvia and Sara Castagnoli 2008 3. Corpora for translator education and translation practiceTopics in Language Resources for Translation and Localisation, Yuste Rodrigo, Elia (ed.), pp. 39–55 | Article
This article reviews the role currently played by corpora in translation teaching and practice. With regard to the former, classroom experiences involving corpusinformed approaches to translation teaching are discussed, and it is argued that such approaches should adopt an educational rather than a… read more