Björn Rothstein

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Mood in the Languages of Europe

Edited by Björn Rothstein and Rolf Thieroff

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 120] 2010. xvi, 647 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology
Subjects Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Schmitz, Anke, Hanne Brandt and Björn Rothstein 2024 Impact of global text cohesion on students’ listening comprehension of informational listening textsPedagogical Linguistics 5:2, pp. 137–161 | Article
Listening comprehension serves as a basic means for communication and participation in society. Unfortunately, especially low-performing students have difficulties understanding informational content presented in a listening format, even more so than with the comprehension of printed texts.… read more
Rothstein, Björn, Katharina Staubach, Saskia Ripp, Julia Waldeyer and Julian Roelle 2023 Is ‘more’ really more? Results of a study on extended German grammar teachingPedagogical Linguistics 4:1, pp. 77–97 | Article
Starting from general problems of teaching grammar in the subject of German language as well as from basic assumptions of so-called ‘more-is-more’ didactics, we discuss demands to continue teaching grammar after the eighth grade (in Germany, that is the eighth year of school). We then present a… read more
Rothstein, Björn 2010 Mood in SwedishMood in the Languages of Europe, Rothstein, Björn and Rolf Thieroff (eds.), pp. 71–84 | Article
Rothstein, Björn and Rolf Thieroff 2010 PrefaceMood in the Languages of Europe, Rothstein, Björn and Rolf Thieroff (eds.), pp. ix–x | Miscellaneous