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Subjects Generative linguistics | Historical linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Andrade, Aroldo de and Susann Fischer 2022 Degrammaticalisation indices in Iberian complex predicates?From Verbal Periphrases to Complex Predicates, Garachana Camarero, Mar, Sandra Montserrat Buendia and Claus Dieter Pusch (eds.), pp. 189–209
This chapter presents evidence for a loss in auxiliary status of Iberian complex predicate verbs, focusing on Catalan and European Portuguese. This change in structural status can be assessed by criteria such as: the decreasing occurrence of clitic climbing; the increasing use of subcategorised… read more | Chapter
Fischer, Susann 2014 Chapter 2. Revisiting stylistic fronting in Old SpanishLeft Sentence Peripheries in Spanish: Diachronic, Variationist and Comparative Perspectives, Dufter, Andreas and Álvaro S. Octavio de Toledo y Huerta (eds.), pp. 53–76
The aim of this paper is twofold: First, data will be presented showing that Stylistic Fronting, i.e. the movement of a past participle, an adjective or an infinitive in front of the finite verb, was productive in Old Spanish. Second, I will argue that Stylistic Fronting in Old Spanish had a… read more | Chapter
Fischer, Susann, Christoph Gabriel and Elena Kireva 2014 Towards a typological classification of Judeo-Spanish: Analyzing syntax and prosody of Bulgarian judezmoStability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms, Braunmüller, Kurt, Steffen Höder and Karoline Kühl (eds.), pp. 77–108
Judeoespanyol (Judeo-Spanish) is one of the names given to those varieties of Spanish spoken by descendants of the Jews that were expelled from Spain in 1492. There is neither a common designation nor is it spoken in one specific area, nor is there any agreement on how to classify it. By some… read more | Article
This article will argue that it is possible to pigeonhole Curial e Güelfa’s date of origin within the 15th century, and its place of origin within a Catalan speaking country, by comparing its word-order and other aspects of syntax to different medieval Romance texts. The surface structural… read more | Article
Fischer, Susann 2008 Grammaticalisation within the IP-domainThe Paradox of Grammatical Change: Perspectives from Romance, Detges, Ulrich and Richard Waltereit (eds.), pp. 107–126
This paper will argue that grammaticalisation within the IP domain is responsible for the change in word order from Old to Modern Romance. Stylistic fronting, postverbal clitics, and other verb-third orders do not seem to be related at first sight. However, on closer investigation it seems as if… read more | Article
Fischer, Susann 2004 9. The diachronic relationship between quirky subjects and stylistic frontingNon-nominative Subjects: Volume 1, Bhaskararao, Peri and Karumuri V. Subbarao (eds.), pp. 193 ff.
It has been argued repeatedly that the Old Romance clitics are phrasal in character and obey a Romance version of the Wackernagel law, i.e. the Tobler-Mussafia law (cf. Tobler 1875; Mussafia 1888). This law has been interpreted as a constraint that forbids clitics to appear in initial position, due… read more | Article