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Subjects Cognition and language | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Revisiting Shakespeare's Language

Edited by Annalisa Baicchi, Roberta Facchinetti, Silvia Cacchiani and Antonio Bertacca

Special issue of English Text Construction 11:1 (2018) v, 168 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | English linguistics | English literature & literary studies | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Baicchi, Annalisa 2022 Kinaesthetic embodied schemas in emotion language: A contrastive comparison between manner-framed and path-framed languagesFigurativity and Human Ecology, Bagasheva, Alexandra, Bozhil Hristov and Nelly Tincheva (eds.), pp. 151–180 | Chapter
This chapter explores how culture and cognition intertwine in the conceptualisation of emotive meaning through the analysis of emotive factive constructions (e.g. afraid of spiders; furious at the angry words; delighted over his behaviour). It aims to identify the embodied schemas that motivate… read more
Baicchi, Annalisa 2020 Figurativeness all the way down: By way of introductionFigurative Meaning Construction in Thought and Language, Baicchi, Annalisa (ed.), pp. 1–10 | Chapter
Baicchi, Annalisa and Paolo Della Putta 2019 Constructions at work in foreign language learners’ mind: A comparison between two sentence-sorting experiments with English and Italian learnersCorpus Approaches to Language, Thought and Communication, Lu, Wei-lun, Naděžda Kudrnáčová and Laura A. Janda (eds.), pp. 219–242 | Article
This article reports empirical evidence of constructional priming effects in L2 learners of English and Italian. The well-known pioneering experiment carried out by Bencini and Goldberg (2000) with L1 speakers of English paved the way for our investigation. We employed the same protocol to… read more
Baicchi, Annalisa and Aneider Iza Erviti 2018 Genre as cognitive construction: An analysis of discourse connectors in academic lecturesCognitive Perspectives on Genre, Vergaro, Carla (ed.), pp. 576–601 | Article
The present article investigates a set of discourse connectors in the academic lecture genre from the viewpoint of the inseparable pair of pragmatics and cognition. Making use of the MICASE corpus for data retrieval, a selection of discourse constructions encoding comparative contrastive… read more
Baicchi, Annalisa, Roberta Facchinetti, Silvia Cacchiani and Antonio Bertacca 2018 Shakespeare’s language revisited in the 21st century: An introductionRevisiting Shakespeare's Language, Baicchi, Annalisa, Roberta Facchinetti, Silvia Cacchiani and Antonio Bertacca (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Introduction
Baicchi, Annalisa 2017 Emotions travelling across cultures: Embodied grounding of English vis-à-vis Italian prepositional phrasesEmotions across Languages and Cultures, Athanasiadou, Angeliki and Ad Foolen (eds.), pp. 24–46 | Article
This article examines the ‘Adj em +PP’ construction in the English-Italian language pair (e.g., angry at my audacity/arrabbiato per la mia audacia) with the aim of identifying the kinaesthetic embodied schemas that motivate the language of emotions. The analysis of corpus data highlights the… read more
Baicchi, Annalisa 2017 Chapter 3. How to do things with metonymy in discourseStudies in Figurative Thought and Language, Athanasiadou, Angeliki (ed.), pp. 76–104 | Chapter
This chapter addresses the role of figurative thought at the level of discourse and investigates the metonymic grounding of interpersonal communication. With the focus placed upon illocutionary constructions realized through the interrogative sentence type, it aims to delineate the… read more
This article aims to illustrate the role that conceptual metaphor plays in the complex dynamics of interpersonal communication, with the focus being placed upon the synergistic relationship that metaphor holds with other Idealized Cognitive Models (Lakoff, 1987) in the construction of illocutionary… read more
This chapter is concerned with the use of non-motion verbs in the caused-motion construction. Their literal or figurative motional interpretation is claimed to be motivated by high-level conceptual metaphors. Typically, these non-motion verbs are lexically intransitive and coerced into transitive… read more
Baicchi, Annalisa 2007 Review of Günter, Köpcke, Berg & Siemund (2007): Aspects of Meaning ConstructionAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 5, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 307–323 | Review
Baicchi, Annalisa 2004 The Cataphoric Indexicality of TitlesDiscourse Patterns in Spoken and Written Corpora, Aijmer, Karin and Anna-Brita Stenström (eds.), pp. 17–38 | Article