Adelino Cattani

List of John Benjamins publications for which Adelino Cattani plays a role.

Book series


Cattani, Adelino 2011 Were the arguments of William Harvey convincing to his contemporaries?Controversies Within the Scientific Revolution, Dascal, Marcelo † and Victor D. Boantza (eds.), pp. 171–186 | Article
Cattani, Adelino 2008 Logical and rhetorical rules of debateDialogue and Rhetoric, Weigand, Edda (ed.), pp. 119–131 | Article
The opposition ‘logic/rhetoric’ represents a fundamental cultural antagonism. Surprising as it may seem, contemporary revival of the art of rhetoric has not been primarily promoted by scholars or professional users of rhetoric but developed itself through alternative, unusual paths, such as those… read more
Cattani, Adelino 2007 The right, duty and pleasure of debating in Western cultureTraditions of Controversy, Dascal, Marcelo † and Han-liang Chang (eds.), pp. 125–138 | Article
Cattani, Adelino 2005 8. Subjectivist and objectivist interpretations of controversy-based thoughtControversies and Subjectivity, Barrotta, Pierluigi and Marcelo Dascal † (eds.), pp. 185–200 | Chapter