Peter Steiner

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Subjects Other literatures | Semiotics

On Poetic Language

Jan Mukařovský

[Not in series - Grüner, 131] 1976. 88 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Whalen, Douglas H., Lisa Zunshine, Evelyne Ender, Eugenia Kelbert, Jason Tougaw, Robert F. Barsky, Peter Steiner and Michael Holquist 2016 Validating judgments of perspective embedding: Further explorations of a new tool for literary analysisScientific Study of Literature 6:2, pp. 278–297 | Article
Previous work (Whalen, Zunshine, & Holquist, 2012) has shown that perspective embedding ("she thought I left" embedding her perspective on "I left") affects reading times for short vignettes. With increasing levels of embedment 1–5, reading times rose almost linearly. Level 0 was as slow as 3–4.… read more
Steiner, Peter 1982 The Semiotics of Literary ReceptionThe Structure of the Literary Process: Studies dedicated to the Memory of Felix Vodicka, Steiner, Peter, Miroslav Červenka and Ronald Vroon (eds.), pp. 503 ff. | Article
Steiner, Wendy and Peter Steiner 1979 The Axes of Poetic LanguageLanguage, Literature & Meaning: Volume I: Problems of Literary Theory, Odmark, John (ed.), pp. 35 ff. | Article