Hironobu Hosoi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hironobu Hosoi plays a role.


Snape, Neal, Hironobu Hosoi and Mari Umeda 2023 Second language processing of English definite noun phrases by Spanish speakers and Japanese speakersCurrent State of Second Language Studies in Japan, Matthews, John and Shigenori Wakabayashi (eds.), pp. 319–347
The present study examines the acquisition of definite noun phrases (NPs) in L2 English. Both English and Spanish have a definite article, but Japanese lacks articles, though definite anaphoric and definite non-anaphoric are present to some degree through the optional use of sono (the/that). A… read more | Article
Our study investigates the second language (L2) acquisition of scalar implicatures some and all. We set out to answer two research questions based on three theoretical accounts, the lexical, pragmatic and syntactic accounts. In an experiment we include English and Japanese native speakers, and… read more | Article
Snape, Neal, John Matthews, Makiko Hirakawa, Yahiro Hirakawa and Hironobu Hosoi 2014 Aspect in L2 English: A longitudinal study of four Japanese child returneesEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 14 (2014), Roberts, Leah, Ineke Vedder and Jan H. Hulstijn (eds.), pp. 79–110
Our study reports on data collected on three separate occasions over a period of 12 months from four Japanese child returnees who had lived in the U.S. between 8 and 12 years before returning to Japan. Their English proficiency was assessed by TOEIC and C-test scores, and they were each asked to… read more | Article