Karin Kukkonen

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Subjects Communication Studies | Pragmatics | Semiotics


This study investigates reading literature during the Covid-19 pandemic in Norway. In three surveys conducted across 2020 (combined N = 489), readers were asked about their reading habits, motivations for reading and emotional states after reading. Our results showed that Norwegian readers read… read more
This article identifies the three metaphors of mirror, map and simulacrum as central for the political discourse in visual communication: Images designated as mirrors, such as documentaries, convince because they seem to reflect reality. Images designated as maps, such as advertisements, convince… read more
Stocchetti, Matteo and Karin Kukkonen 2011 IntroductionImages in Use: Towards the critical analysis of visual communication, Stocchetti, Matteo and Karin Kukkonen (eds.), pp. 1–7 | Article