Maria del Mar Suárez

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Young learners’ L1s preference, cognitive development and bilingual status might influence their performance on language aptitude tests, particularly if these are language-dependent. The objective of this study was to test the validity, reliability and consistency across populations of two such… read more
Suárez, Maria del Mar and Carmen Muñoz 2011 Aptitude, age and cognitive development: The MLAT-E in Spanish and CatalanEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 11 (2011), Roberts, Leah, Gabriele Pallotti and Camilla Bettoni (eds.), pp. 5–29 | Article
In the validation studies of the Modern Language Aptitude Test-Elementary (MLAT-E) (Carroll & Sapon 1967) and its Spanish version, the MLAT-ES (Stansfield & Reed 2005), the total scores across grades increase unsteadily. At no point, though, has this increase been discussed. Similar results are… read more