Francis Jones

List of John Benjamins publications for which Francis Jones plays a role.


Subjects Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies


Lobejón Santos, Sergio and Francis Jones 2020 Creativity in collaborative poetry translatingTranslaboration: Exploring Collaboration in Translation and Translation in Collaboration, Alfer, Alexa and Cornelia Zwischenberger (eds.), pp. 282–306 | Article
This study examines how creative solutions to translation problems are negotiated and selected in ‘poettrios’ (teams consisting of a source poet, a target-language poet and a bilingual language mediator working from pre-prepared, literal translation drafts of poems), and compares creativity in… read more
This study investigates how poetry translators tackle source regional voice within their wider approach to poetic text. It analyses eleven translators’ ‘outputs’ of Scots and English translations from Giuseppe Belli’s 19th-century regionallanguage sonnets, which are set in working-class Rome. Each… read more
Jones, Francis 2011 Poetry translationHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 2, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 117–122 | Article
Jones, Francis 2009 Embassy networks: Translating post-war Bosnian poetry into EnglishAgents of Translation, Milton, John and Paul Bandia (eds.), pp. 301–325 | Article
This article is based on a web survey of on-line and print translations into English of poetry by writers from Bosnia since the 1992–1995 war. Combining insights from Actor Network Theory, Activity Theory and Goffman’s Social Game Theory, it examines the relationships between human and textual… read more
Jones, Francis 1989 Duff, Alan. 1989. TranslationTarget 1:2, pp. 257–259 | Review
Jones, Francis 1989 On Aboriginal Sufferance: A Process Model of Poetic TranslationTarget 1:2, pp. 183–199 | Article
This paper presents an empirical model of the processes involved in translating poetry. I suggest three main stages: Understanding, Interpretation and Creation. The Understanding stage involves close ST analysis. At the Interpretation stage the translator works item by item, though with continual… read more