Kairong Xiao

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Developments in Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies

Edited by Kairong Xiao and Sandra L. Halverson

Special issue of Cognitive Linguistic Studies 8:2 (2021) vi, 278 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Cognitive psychology | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics


Frequent use of metaphors is a distinctive feature of the Chinese scholar Qian Zhongshu’s popular novel Weicheng (Fortress Besieged). Its English translation by Jeanne Kelly and Nathan K. Mao was well received in the English-speaking world. What are readers’ responses to and comments on the… read more
Xiao, Kairong and Sandra L. Halverson 2021 Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies (CTIS): Emerging trends in epistemology and methodologyDevelopments in Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies, Xiao, Kairong and Sandra L. Halverson (eds.), pp. 235–250 | Introduction
In the last two decades, cognitive translation studies in China has been gaining momentum, which is spurred by three lines or perspectives of inquiry: psychology (especially cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics), cognitive linguistics, and translation process research (TPR). Despite the… read more