An Laffut

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Subjects Cognitive linguistics | English linguistics | Functional linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


Davidse, Kristin, Liesbet Heyvaert and An Laffut 2015 Conjunctive structures in learner English: A qualitative analysis of hortatory expositionsEnglish Text Construction 8:2, pp. 236–264 | Article
In this paper we address the issue of conjunction use in learner writing from a text-structuring angle, focusing on hortatory expositions by NNS learners and NS professionals. The learners are advanced Dutch-speaking students of English, while the professionals are journalists writing for British… read more
Buyse, Kris, Eva Saver, An Laffut and Herlinda Vekemans 2011 UrgentiAS, a lexical database for medical students in clinical placements: Architecture, use and evaluationResearching Specialized Languages, Bhatia, Vijay, Purificación Sánchez and Pascual Pérez-Paredes (eds.), pp. 191–210 | Article
The UrgentiAS database was compiled to meet the needs of Dutch-speaking Belgian medical students attending classes of Medical English/French/Spanish to prepare for their clinical placements abroad. The database provides students with an easy-to-use multilingual medical lexicon, which can help them… read more
Blanpain, Kristin, Liesbet Heyvaert and An Laffut 2008 Collex-Biz: A Corpus-Based Lexical Syllabus for Business EnglishITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 155, pp. 77–93 | Article
This paper reports on the development of Collex-Biz, a corpus-driven web-based learning platform for general economic English. The design of this platform was informed by a number of research-based principles, particularly frequency and collocation, which are insufficiently incorporated in… read more
In this article, we set out to describe the general ‘lexicogrammar’ of English locative constructions within a broadly neo-Firthian theoretical frame. First, we look at the question of how the verb and its participants — nominal and prepositional — are structurally integrated with each other. To… read more
In this paper, I elaborate a 'lexicogrammatical approach to the locative alternation in Dutch and English, in which the semantics of the constructions is related directly to the semantic features of their verbs. First I take stock of the different verb classes associated with one or both variants… read more