Hannah Gibson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hannah Gibson plays a role.


Gibson, Hannah, Chege Githiora, Fridah Kanana Erastus and Lutz Marten 2024 Morphosyntactic retention and innovation in Sheng, a youth language or stylect of KenyaStudies in Language: Online-First Articles | Article
This paper examines the morphosyntax of the East African Swahili-based urban youth language or stylect Sheng. Research on urban youth languages has often focused on these varieties as sites of rapid change and linguistic creativity. However, we show that many of the structural features which… read more
Bantu languages employ a combination of simple and compound verb forms to encode tense-aspect-mood distinctions. Compound constructions typically involve an auxiliary form followed by an inflected main verb. However, the six East African Bantu languages under examination in this paper exhibit a… read more