Susanne Döpke

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Subjects Multilingualism
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Early accounts of the achievement of bilingualism in children of dual-language couples stressed the importance of clear language differentiation according to a principle called ‘one person-one language’. This approach has come under attack recently as being elitist and atypical of bilinguals, and… read more
Liddicoat, Anthony J. and Susanne Döpke 1998 The structure of callers’ contributions in talkback radioAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 21:2, pp. 79–104 | Article
This paper examines the ways in which callers structure the message phase of their contributions in which they express a point of view and how expressing a POV in a talkback radio is realized through the interaction of caller and host, and in some cases between the caller, the host and an invited… read more
Döpke, Susanne, Anne Brown, Anthony J. Liddicoat and Kristina Love 1994 Closings in talkback radio: Institutional effects on conversational routinesSpoken Interaction Studies in Australia, Gardner, Rod (ed.), pp. 21–46 | Article
This paper explores the effects of institutional communication on highly regular casual conversation routines. The institutional environment chosen is radio telephone conversation or talkback radio. Systematic variations from mundane telephone conversations were found in the closing sections and… read more
A bilingual child’s development of word order in German and English subordinate clauses was followed between three and five years of age, and a number of diversions from the development of word order in such clauses by monolingual children was noted. Of particular interest is the fact that… read more