Ernesto Suárez-Toste

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Representing Wine – Sensory Perceptions, Communication and Cultures

Rosario Caballero, Ernesto Suárez-Toste and Carita Paradis

Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics | Semiotics


Suárez-Toste, Ernesto 2017 Babel of the senses: On the roles of metaphor and synesthesia in wine reviewsFood and terminology: Expressing sensory experience in several languages, Temmerman, Rita and Danièle Dubois (eds.), pp. 89–112 | Article
Of all the varieties of sensory experience, wine appreciation seems to be one of the most rewarding yet also one of the most challenging to verbalize. This is largely due to a lack of scientific terminology capable of describing sensory impressions (in turn related to how little is known about… read more
Caballero, Rosario and Ernesto Suárez-Toste 2010 13. A genre approach to imagery in winespeak: Issues and prospectsResearching and Applying Metaphor in the Real World, Low, Graham, Zazie Todd, Alice Deignan and Lynne Cameron (eds.), pp. 265–288 | Article
This chapter is concerned with the figurative language used by wine experts in the genre of the Tasting Note. Our main objectives are to draw attention to the complexities found in the figurative language used in this genre, and discuss some of the methodological issues researchers need to overcome… read more