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Efthymiadou, Christina and Jo Angouri 2022 ‘I have her image of bringing me cherries as an offer’: Exploring belonging and trust in cross-border business collaboration through storytellingNarratives as Social Practice in Organisational Contexts, Van De Mieroop, Dorien, Jonathan Clifton and Stephanie Schnurr (eds.), pp. 130–147 | Article
This paper explores the role of narratives as resources for enacting group membership and community building in the case of one company, a Greek-Turkish partnership, SforSteel. We pay special attention to the function of iterative stories and specifically one that indexes the origin of the… read more
This paper explores disagreement practice in political discourse, specifically in the under explored public inquiry communicative event and more specifically in the select-committee hearing. We revisit earlier work on theorising disagreement to expand our understanding of its contextual nature,… read more
In 2006 laws banning age discrimination came into effect in the UK. Even though unions seem to suggest that ‘age’ is a very common form of discrimination, it does not typically attract (at least as yet) the same attention as other more widely discussed cases. Age discrimination is typically… read more
Angouri, Jo 2012 Chapter 6. ‘Yes that’s a good idea’: Peer advice in academic discourse at a UK universityAdvice in Discourse, Limberg, Holger and Miriam A. Locher (eds.), pp. 119–144 | Chapter
Advising is a common activity in higher education contexts directly related to the development of the students and hence core in the teaching practice and learning experience. Even though this is typically related to (one-to-one) encounters between students and academic staff, students often resort… read more
Angouri, Jo and Evi Angelidou 2012 Managing the director’s views: Decision making in a small firm contextProfessional Communication across Languages and Cultures, Măda, Stanca and Răzvan Săftoiu (eds.), pp. 61–82 | Article
Decision making (DM) is at the heart of human activity and has attracted a lot of interest over the years. Especially in the workplace, negotiating alternatives, revisiting and making new decisions, constitute a daily reality for most employees. Despite its importance, decision making is still… read more